5 AM 10309/14
Dinny Tjampitjinpa Nolan Water Dreaming at Mikanji #14/50 2000
Silkscreen print board, 560 x 760mm paper, 620 x 480mm
860 x 660mm

This silk screen print depicts water dreaming ceremony performed at a place called Mikanji, 200km north-west of Papunya Community. Aboriginal men perform corroboree's that invoke the elements of a storm, bringing wind, rain and lightning into the area. The water flows through the usually dry creek beds replenishing the waterholes and rejuvenating the bush tucker plants. The concentric circle represents the waterhole in the area and curved lines symbolise water flowing across the sand. The strokes or bars to either side of the curving lines represent the clouds and lightning. The symbols are used in the sand mosaics and body paint designs during ceremony.

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