4 AM 10312/14
Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa Pamapardu (Flying Ant) Dreaming #9/50 2001
Etching paper, 500 x 330mm image
710 x 540mm

Pamapardu are the flying ants that build the termite mounds throughout Papunya country. The flying ants emerge after the rains and fly to a new home. The country of this dreaming is Wantungurru which is west of Yuendumu. The Pamapardu ancestors flew from Alyawarre country, east of Alice Springs, through Anmatyerre country until they reached Wantungurru, an important cave site, west of Vaughan Springs. The concentric circles represent the termite mounds. The flying ants are depicted by the patterns of small bars.

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