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61 AM 16236/18
Bill Harney Red-backed Kangaroo Welcoming the White Man 2018
Acrylic on Berge linen
1140 x 1105mm

This is a contact one. These are the first two explorers coming into the country when Aboriginal people were here around the country. They come across the Red-backed Kangaroo Yunumburrgu. He saw the two people on the horse and the mule and he said "What are you doing here?" They said "We've come to look around". And the old kangaroo look hard at him and said "Well, you're coming into my land and I welcome you here and we can all come together. You can stay here for good if you want to". And the bloke said "All right, give me your hand" and they both shook hands together. Then they heard a bloke blowing the didgeridoo, a bloke singing, all dancing, another got a boomerang clap sticks. They call it Wangga. That's a Wangga song. Bill has painted his version of the rock art painting at Wynbarr (but without the guns). He shows the Big Lightning Man on the left and all the little Lightnings (the Grasshopper Men) across the top. The Gilling Gillings are the song and dance people.

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