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20 AM 16185/18
Bill Harney Guyaru - Grass Owl 2018
Ochres & binder on Berge linen
600 x 450mm

Grass Owl - Guyaru Grass Owl, he was travelling right across the country with the Grasshopper People. He met the Grasshopper People. They had a ceremony at a place called Congomia and then one of them, Jerragek - the little log owl, was making a lot of sound - jerragek, jerragek - and he sang out. The bush turkey was singing ceremony and night owl and all of them dance in Congomia. And Grasshopper brought the yam called Margulu - made by Netbun. That's him - big ceremony. Congomia is not too far from the Moon Man rock art site. Guyaru features in a rock art site a short distance from the Moon Man site in Bill's country - Wardaman country - south west of Katherine. Bill says "Guyaru - singing all night giving happiness to the people".

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