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5 AM 9238/12
Lloyd Kwilla Desert Wind at Kulyayi 2011
Pure Kimberley natural ochres on canvas
1200 x 900mm

In the desert regions of Australia water and waterholes play an important role in the indigenous peoples lifestyle, these waterholes were created in the dreamtime Jumangkarni and are all connected by subterranean tunnels. For the Wangkajunga and Walmajarri people of the Great Sandy Desert knowledge of these waterholes was crucial to survival while living a traditional lifestyle. As a boy Lloyd walked much of the desert with his father Billy Thomas - Karntakrnta and knows the importance of these waterholes and understands their connections well.

This painting depicts Kulyayi during the windy time of the dry season a waterhole in the Great Sandy Desert (Well 42 on the Canning Stock Route) This is Lloyd work centres around this place, he visits regularly from Wangkjunga Community where he lives and maintains the area by burning and removing wild camels that damage the waterhole. Each year Lloyd and his family dig out the waterhole to bring the water back to the surface which in turn attracts birds and the mammals, most importantly the Kangaroo and the Bush Turkey. This work was inspired by a recent visit during the dry season when the strong easterly winds blow across the desert; these winds improve conditions for hunting as they can be utilized to disguise sound and smell.

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