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99 AM 9189/12
Stan Brumby 's Station Story - Lamboo Station 2012
Acrylic on canvas
1000 x 750mm

Station stories, memory in the painting, my story, Lamboo Station - it's a blackfella station now. Cattle put in the round stockyard, then moved them all crush side by side, rail on both sides. My story in the painting. This is station where I work for no money, only tea and sugar. Lamboo Station, it's all there, cattleyards in the painting, station homesteads, that's where I worked for no money. You see that river alongside the station house? Old station. Today I bought this station, its balckfella station now, its not a white station, but its all broken down, I want to build it up, renew the station, I want more money so I can get more cattle; more house; more fences; buy a new bore. All the bores are buggered up, watertank drop for the cattle. Hangiman's Creek at Hangiman's kids, women, men and even old people got hanged. I can take you there, I can take you to Hangiman. Captain Cook came with a camel and horse.

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