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80 AM 8781/12
George Wallaby Floodwater Dreaming 1999
Natural ochre & pigment on canvas canvas, 1255 x 955mm framed
1200 x 900mm

The artist's bush name is Barragoo (meaning Lake Gregory). His dreaming is floodwater. He was born in the northern part of the Great Sandy Desert where the Sturt Creek flows into Lake Gregory. Every wet season when the rains come Sturt Creek fills and begins to flow filling up thousands of waterholes along the way widening as it makes its way into the Great Sandy Desert then it stops abruptly as it fills Lake Gregory. The painting shows a myriad of connecting channels and full waterholes - depicted with the inner circle, these waterholes will become crucial sources of food and water when the water recedes in the dry years that might follow.

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