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13 AM 8474/12
Rosalind Langford Dance of the Whirly Whirly Spirits 2012
Acrylic & ochre on Galicia linen
900 x 1200mm

This painting is about when the Seven Sisters visited earth and danced upon this land.

They were so happy to be visiting back on Earth they twisted and twirled their bodies and stamped their feet in their dance. As they danced they threw sacred white ochre on the ground and released tiny spirits who became the Whirly Whirlies.

These spirits are mischievous and playful, but, if you are not careful they will try and entice you away.

We call them the tiny people and they travel from place to place inside the Whirly Whirlies. No matter how hard you may try to catch one, you can't. They will twist and whirl away from you. One minute they are there, and then they are gone, laughing at us.

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