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50 AM 7010/10
Arone Meeks Saltwater Place 1/20 2009
Etching on paper 1180 x 800mm, Framed
1400 x 1000mm

In "Saltwater Place", the boat becomes a metaphor for a vehicle with which to travel back to the dreaming. Within this canoe is an auto portrait, singing up 'Country' and story on a tidal swell. Catching his breath the figure then uses the tide to navigate, using the stars to find his way. Contained within the canoe is an egg. The blue figure towards the front of the canoe depicts all the people past and present who have been a guiding force in my life. To the back of the canoe is a figure which carries dillybags and sports a feathered headdress, within the internal design of which is depicted both male and female images/designs.

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