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49 AM 7009/10
Arone Meeks Mangroves 1/20 2009
Etching on paper 1180 x 800mm, Framed
1400 x 1000mm

In "Mangroves" we continue the journey of the wet season as the rains flush out the creeks and rivers to create a rich alluvium that washes into the mangroves and then the sea. The mangroves are vitally important to many infant/growing species that live there; as this is the rich nursery nurturing and protecting vast forms of sea life, until each creature is able to fend for itself. Aboriginal people have always relied on the mangroves as a food source. When I was growing up I lived with family on the edge of the mangroves, we were never hungry being there. But the mangroves also were a place of important stories and sorcery with rules which were important to be followed. The blue figure is that of a mangrove spirit, it has a small dillybag around its neck and possesses both male and female characteristics. When you are in the mangroves you can hear this spirit by its clicking sound, as it lures/talks. To the right is the mangrove with its protective root structure. The central image is that of a woven cane trap. Though the main purpose of this is to trap fish/ crabs etc, it also signifies the womb in which life grows. We are still following the path of the first rain.

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