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48 AM 7008/10
Arone Meeks Freshwater Country 1/20 2009
Etching on paper 1180 x 800mm, Framed
1400 x 1000mm

A series of three etchings, Created in Cairns at Editions Tremblay by Arone Meeks 2009 The story behind this work was to link the etchings and show the connection between freshwater and its journey towards the sea. They also tell/talk of a passage of time and a connection to 'Country'. To the left, in "Freshwater Country", the elongated ochre figure represents the bush and spirits in 'Country', its overall shape is that of a gumtree growing out of the earth. I am traditionally from Laura and feel that I always draw inspiration from this area and am reconnecting with my country. The blue figure notes the life that freshwater gives us each season, behind the figure, is a fertile shape/waterhole. Every 2nd year Laura hosts the Dance Festival. I felt it important to portray this event depicting a fluid dancing figure with a leaf headdress. It also portrays the strength, growth and participation and inclusion of our sharing with the many other tribal groups, reinforcing how tradition is being kept alive and passed on.

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