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7 AM 5717/08
Bill Harney Gilling Gilling 2008
Acrylic on Galicia linen
540 x 570mm

This Gilling Gilling is Mulooga - big boss. He got four stripes forehead band and he got three Kajola crown on head. Two boomerangs and he's got two arms out and two hands down to feet and two legs out and his two feet out - loin cloth down - telling them how to dance the big Goojinga dance. The Gilling Gilling are all at Victoria River in Wardaman country in the caves. They still live in the caves today and they come out at night time and make a lot of noise. They're downstream from the pub and bridge at Victoria River. There's lots of white paint on the walls of those caves and in the Creation time they're dancing and doing all sorts of tricks.

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