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32 AM 5152/07
Betsy Napangardi Lewis Mina Mina Jukurrpa (Mina Mina Dreaming) 2002
Acrylic on Belgian linen
1220 x 910mm

This painting depicts Mina Mina, a scared site far to the west of Yuendumu. During the Dreaming karnta (women) of the napanfgardi and Napanangka moieties danced yawulyu (sacred dancing) and digging sticks rose up out of the ground. There are many Jukurrpa stories associated with Mina Mina. Betsy has shown Karnta Yawulyu in this work (women dancing). At the centre is a rockhole, sacred to women, around which they danced in the dreaming and is still present in the landscape today. This is a really big Jukurrpa, travelling south and west, into Pitjantjatjara country in South Australia.

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