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81 AM 16854/19
Cameron Ross Kemarre Full Moon rising on Yipirinya 2019
Acrylic on linen
550 x 455mm, 580 x 475mm frame

Full Moon rising on Yipirinya This is a first ever all white painting, many before I have completed, but none all white. This is Yipirinya, Aranda country. I was born and raised here, Alice Springs. On this moonlit nite, all is aglow. The White Kangaroo (Kadatji) Man. The three Fairy Wren Birds, one blue, one red and one yellow. Then there's the fish, schools of fish. In the 70's my dad showed me all the different coloured fish. The Mulga forest, all dead, but still pretty. All this I have seen with my eyes. It's still there, all the time. Don't know how long for now. So enjoy painting, this is real, spiritual. Cameron Ross Panangka

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