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49 AM 16797/19
Bill Harney Police with Wardaman people 2018
Natural ochre & pigment on Galicia linen
1140 x 1290mm

The first white settlers arrived about 1800. That's when the trouble started. There are three policemen with pack horses - cop on the left got two guns and horse tied. Put chain around neck of three people and said "You killed my cow". Above woomera and dingo above too. They said "We didn't kill that cow. The dingo killed the cow same time it killed kangaroo on top. Two whistling kites were eating the carcass when the policeman saw it all happening. Seen some Gilling Gilling people playing didgeridoo. Butcher Bird was singing with clap sticks . Five of them were performing and dancing. The cop rode up and was watching them dancing. They had long yam cooking and blue tongue lizards cooking. They had boomerang and were singing and had spear for kangaroo. Wooly yam was cooking too. This painting is Bill's interpretaion of a rock art site near Ingalardi, west north.

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