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70 AM 16470/19
Zita Pengarte Wallace Ngangkere & Creation Beings 2018
Acrylic on canvas
970 x 530mm

(1) Ngangkere Journey Our ancestors have practiced Ngangkere, the art of healing, since the beginning of our Dreamtime. Ngnagkere originally is about men and women attitudes at the beginning of their training, which lasts their lifetime.

(2) Creation beings From the beginning of our creation, many Aboriginal people still to this day learn and respect the ways of our ancestors, the Aboriginal laws and teachings. The people and elders still practice the wisdom from the Altyerreye and the spirits.

(3) 'Ngangkeres are men and women who, through their whole lifetime, have trained and become renowned in their profession and become Ngnagkere, working with their tribes, caring for their betterment in their everyday lives, physically and spiritually.'

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