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28 DN550/2
Dennis Nona Waru Kazil #2/15 State II Framed 2018
Hand water coloured linocut print on paper
185 x 590mm Im 350 x 795mm Pa, 480 x 930mm F

Waru Kazil is based on the idea of survival. Waru Kazil refers to small turtles and the new generation that comes down. The work is based on a trip to Badu Island. I was inspired to do more work about the turtle - people told me that there was not much turtle attraction on the little island, and they don't know what happened. This made me to do this work. I know that this over-hunting was happening, and it was getting hard to find them. A lot of them are on the mainland and they have been surviving down here - but on our island it was getting scarce. In the work I made this turtle, they are swimming away from us here, the small turtles will go and we have had to bring our laws back to the island to try and maintain this system. We were abusing our own system. Yes, it's good for the new generation, like the new turtles they come out. Our great grandchildren will see them down the line.

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