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92 AM 16157/18
Thelma Hobson Basket Weaving with Wattle Grass 2018

1200 x 900mm

Wet season in Lockhart River is every year from December to May. After the big wet, we got out collecting fresh wattyl grass. We use the grass to weave different sizes of puunya or baskets. Weaving is a special skill and we learn this skill from our elder mother's, aunties and grand mothers. The baskets are useful to keep our food, cloths or personal things when we go out for the day. This days our people use modern bags but using the puunya's can help our environment because it dose not cause damage to our environment. We collect enough to make baskets and the rest we live for the wallabies to eat for food. My painting shows our journey through forests, open Country landscape, crossing small and big creeks and water ways where it is safe with no crocodiles to collect wattyl grass.

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