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54 AM 4454/06
Wyba - Glenn Shaw Bush Potato Vine & Petroglyphs 2006
Acrylic on cotton
600 x 900mm

Glenn Shaw (WYBA) was born on Flinders Island in Bass Strait, Tasmania in 1958. Wyba is from the Pintairerrer/Trawlwoolway people from the North East of Tasmania. Wyba has been painting since his late teens, and was awarded Aboriginal Artist of the Year for Tasmania in 1991, his Art reflects the surroundings and places where he grew up and lived in Tasmania.

Wyba uses traditional styles in a contemporary manner which creates a style that is unique in Tasmanian Aboriginal artists.


This painting shows the Bush Potato Vine growing over the age old Petroglyphs which are unique to Tasmania.

The Bush Potato Vine grows in many coastal areas across Tasmania and was and in some areas still is part of the diet of Tasmanian Aboriginal people. The fruit of the vine are best eaten when they are the colour of a washed potato.

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