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46 AM 15865/18
Abie Loy Kemarre Bush Leaf 2018
Acrylic on Belgian linen
910 x 760mm

This painting, in fine detail, refers to leaves of great importance from the artist ancestral country of Utopia in central Australia.

In this painting Abie depicts the leaf of the antywerleny (Acacia tenuissima), a type of wattle. The leaves of the antywerleny are crushed and mixed with animal fat for use as a medicinal ointment, or soaked in water to make a medicinal wash. Abie says this particular bush medicine is still made and used by the people of her country today.

"Ikwerthey anter-anem thelem, apernelheyew-anem antywerlenyel" Then you pour the fat into it and rub yourself with the antywerleny.

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