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77 AM 15703/18
Rover Thomas Naramara - Wankul Junction 1993
Ochre on linen
900 x 1200mm

Naramara, Wankjul Junction near Bedford Downs Station, Killing (Sorry) place. Signed Rover on reverse

For much of his adult life, Rover worked on cattle stations situated on the fringes of the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts including Bow River Station where he was married for the first time, and later at Texas Downs, Old Lissadel and Mabel Downs, adjacent to the Warmun community at Turkey Creek where he settled in later years. Rover began painting in the late 1970's encouraged by his uncle Paddy Jaminji who was born at Bedford Downs Station. This work by Rover Thomas depicts Wangkul Junction and the surrounding country near Bedford Downs Station. The Warmun community is localted at Wangkul Junction. There is also shown a "sorry" place where Aboriginal people died.

Provenance: This work was collected from Rover Thomas on a field trip to the Kimberley in early 1995. It is estimated the work was painted at Warmun in 1993 or 1994 by Rover. It was purchased directly from Rover. This field trip was one of a number of trips made throughout the 1980's and 90's to collect art and to undertake photographic assignments. A close friendship was developed with Rover Thomas as well as other members of the Warmun community; among them Paddy Jaminji, Birabee, Peggy Patrick and Jack Britten. These relationships, in particular with that of Rover Thomas are well recorded in video, diary notes and numerous photographs. The work is signed Rover verso with his thumbprint. The work sustained water damage at Burrinja Gallery stockroom in 2001. Signed by Neil McLeod 11/3/15

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