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54 AM 15021/18
Paddy Japaljarri Stewart Door 25 - Yurrampi manu Jiplyaku Jukurrpa 2012
Acrylic on Belgian linen
1520 x 760mm
$4500 including resale royalty

Door 25 - Yurrampi manu Jiplayaku (Honey Ant and Duck Dreaming). This painting is about the Honey Ant Dreaming, which is associated with a place called Yakurrukaji, near Yuendumu. Honey ants are a much prized delicacy, considered to be well worth the enormous effort it takes to dig them out of the ground. The ants dig tunnels quite deep under the ground in 'jirrijirrinpa' (mulga woodland) country. Branching from these passage ways are chambers ('mingki'), from the ceiling of which the honey ants are suspended, full of food. With their swollen abdomens, the ants are unable to move. Also painted here is the Mulga Worm, which is related to the Honey Ant Dreaming; and the Duck Dreaming, which is associated with the waterholes, where the ducks gather near Yuendumu. This Jukurrpa travels through Yuendumu, and belongs to Japangardi/Japanangka men and Napangardi/Napanangka women.

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