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80 AM 14177/17
Daisy Bell Kulyuru Walka-Tjulpun Tjulpunpa 5/100 2017
Limited edition, handmade chainstitch rug ,designed by Aboriginal artists on a heavy cotton backing
1220 x 1830mm

$730 'Walka-Tjulpun Tjulpunpa' by Daisybell Kulyuru. Daisybell describes this painting as Walka - Walka is any meaningful mark or pattern and may be an image on a cave wall, on rock or on sand and has cultural and ritual significance. It is used on the body during inma or ceremony. This painting depicts tjulpun tjulpunpa or puti - wildflowers from the bush. They can be seen in all forms throughout the lands, especially after the big rains fall.

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