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45 DN113/01
Dennis Nona Karral #1/45 2005
Etching Paper:
700mm x 1000mm

I will talk about Yara Zial to the Karral. We looked at the Kirralal - they are associated. Karral are the patches of the clouds that you see as balls of clouds. Sometimes, I always see them in Brisbane. Suddenly like when there are big winds blowing those straw winds from Kirralal I said before like straw see those big clouds. They're slowing down and that's when you're ready to go out diving or you make your way out to another island journey by looking at those clouds. They will tell you the right time to travel. Like when you travel in 2 or 3 days' time it will be calm weather. Those clouds they've stopped travelling. They just sit in one place. For diving, picnic, chasing everything on the reef, sharks sometimes they chase you, the sharks.

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