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39 DN094/01
Dennis Nona Bywa #1/45 2006
Etching on Magnani
350gsm Image: 895 x 620mm, Paper: 1000 x 700mm

When water suddenly spouts from the sea it is believed a sorcerer is testing its magical powers. A waterspout is rarely seen and may only appear before your eyes once in a lifetime. It is a very special moment - like seeing a flying saucer in the sky. In this work spirits around the white water spout are playing drums and dancing in circles as the sorcerer makes its journey. They also carry bush plants (Pui) from Badu Island. In the middle of the waterspout the sorcerer wears a turtle shell mask (Karal) used in Bywa ceremony. When the waterspout shoots, the sorcerer is showing off its power. The higher the spout, the more powerful is its magic. A dance about Bywa Au Sagul is often performed on Badu Island.

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