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34 DN074/01
Dennis Nona Barisal - Trails of the Stingray #1/45 2003
Etching on Hahnemuhle
350gsm Image size: 660 x 490mm, Paper size: 850 x 675mm

Barisal, in traditional Western Torres Strait Islander language means, Trails of the Stingray. The trails are made by the sand 'dust' that is disturbed and settles making distinctive trails as the stingrays move across the bottom of the shallow waters. Barisal is also the term used when they are being hunted. The stingray is the totem of the Argan people who are one of the four clans on the artist's island of Badu. The other clan's totems are dog (umai), crocodile (kodal) and dugong (dhangala). Stingrays are hunted during the north west monsoon season (Kuiki) which occurs in December and January. At this time the stingrays are driven up from deep waters by a special kind of thunder called Kulpiyam that has a very distinctive sound, similar to that of a shotgun blast.

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