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2 LN007/1
Laurie Nona Sagerr 1/10 2012
Relief print from Linoleum Vinyl block, onto Arches BFK
300 x 150mm image, 380 x 250mm paper

Prints LN007/1, LN007/3, LN007/4, LN007/5, LN007/6, LN007/8 & LN007/9 available These 4 pieces show our connections with the animals and the world around us in the ocean at Badu. My role as an artist here on Badu is to create stories and show the stories to my children so they can show their children. This set shows the 4 winds - Naigai, Zai, Sagerr and Kukin. These are the four winds that blow across the Torres Strait. Zaigai is the longest blowing wind - and it tells us the Mango season is here, and turtles mate. Each wind tells us a different time is on Badu and there are different stages in nature. The fish lay eggs and they hatch, the frog has tadpoles. The winds are an important part of Badu culture. My prints show the winds and their influence on the currents and how these elements work together. This is an important part of being on Badu - close to nature, close to the elements and to have knowledge of all these important things.

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