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17 ZG001/2
Zacharia Gaidan Maluw Kaiar 2/12 2012
Relief print onto Arches BFK
600 x 840mm image, 1200 x 800mm paper

I often spend hours out on the water, diving for Kaiar. I love their colour and the way they walk around, with their feelers raised up - walking slowly and over the rocks and sand for food. The deep-water crayfish shown in my print has patterns and details on it representing the land, the sea, the wind and the sun. These things give us life. This beautiful knowledge was passed from generation to generation and came from our most ancient ancestors. We are lucky to have this knowledge. This crayfish also has a poison sack inside it and we have to know how to eat it properly or else if we weren't careful we would become very ill. The wisdom of our ancestors and the teaching from our fathers keeps us from being ill today.

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