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15 WM001/10
Weldon Matasia Kaiar (Crayfish) 10/40
Relief Print. Black ink on Arches paper from hand carved Vinyl plate
590 x 950mm image, 1200 x 800mm paper

This is one of my more important images. My carving has become more precise and I can now create the curves - they are like the shape the tide makes on the sand as it goes out - or the sun makes when it shines down through the water onto the bottom of the sea. The Crayfish is a favourite of mine - hard to carve and show properly. The big Kaiar up here on Badu live in holes on the reef and some of them can be very very big. I used to love being a Kaiar Mabaig (Crayfisherman). The Kaiar in this print is important as it was the one that was so big, I had to struggle to get it, but in making myself get it - I got a lot of confidence and became more important as a diver. The print was made from a vinyl plate - and was very hard to carve. It takes many many days, but I am pleased with what I have made. It is a story that I will show and tell to my young son.

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