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13 TG002/10
Tala Gaidan Purru Dhangal (Dugong Mating) 10/40 2011
Relief print onto Arches BFK
540 x 650mm image , 770 x 840mm paper, 940 x 1020mm frame
$620 unframed, $1000 framed

Prints TG002/10 & TG002/11 (framed) available from the artist - Tala Gaidan - Purru Dhangal - this artwork is about male and female Dhangal (dugongs) mating together. The island on top of this print is my island home of Badu, in the Torres Straits. I have shown two Dhangal mating here - which we refer to in our traditional language as Purru Dhangal. Below the Purru Dhangal are two younger males waiting for their turn. In my language, we call that barrakuthawgarka.

About Tala Gaidan: I have been drawing since primary school on Badu and then I went to Abergawrie College in Ingham where I studied more drawing. It was not until TAFE ran a course on Badu that I got a start in Lino printing. I like Lino because I can draw directly onto the lino and then use carving tools to create the blocks. My Dad and my Grandfather were both boat builders and our family has a strong tradition of wood working. I guess that is why I love carving and using carving tools. My brother is an artist too and it is great for family that we share that. My culture makes me what I am and I cannot separate myself from my culture. When I carve stories into Lino - I am in touch with my culture.

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