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12 TG001/8
Tala Gaidan My Totem 8/20 2012
Relief print from floor linoleum block, printed with black in on Arches BFK
870 x 280mm image, 800 x 1200mm paper

Prints TG001/8, TG001/9 & TG001/10 Available This artwork is about my Totem - Koedal (crocodile) and Dhangal (dugong). My totem has been carried by my ancestors from Mabuiag Island. The totem Koedal (crocodile) belongs to the people of Wagadagam tribe which means in our language Koey Buai. I am connected to the Koey Buai tribe through my mother.

Her Aka (grandmother) Puiu Warria (nee Peter) becomes my great grand mother.

My other totem Dhangal (Dugong) comes from Mabuiag - a tribe called Panai.

Panai also meant in language Migi Buai. I am connected to the Panai Migi Buai tribe through bloodline of my great great grandfather Aporia Warria.

He comes from the Panai Migi Buai tribe. The islands in the middle of the image represent my beautiful island home of Badu.

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