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11 MN003/6
Michael Nona Yazau Ulakal 6/20 2010
Relief print onto Arches BFK
1000 x 470mm image, 1120 x 770mm paper

Prints MN003/6 & MN003/7 available My Artwork shows as the title Yazau Ulakal (in our language Herd of Dugong) shows a herd of dugong working their way through the ocean near my home in the Torres Strait. Yaza is a beach on the other side of Badu (west facing side) and the Yaza area is one of our main hunting grounds. We only hunt traditional way and have deep care and respect for the Dhangalal (many dugong). The artwork shows the murky water trails caused by the Dhangalal as they feed on the seagrass. We are often guided by these trails when hunting. The border of the print also shows one of my Totem, the Tupmul or spotted ray.

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