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10 MN002/14
Michael Nona Gubaw Mari 14/30 2011
Relief print onto Arches BFK
400 x 620mm image, 560 x 760mm paper

Prints MN002/14, MN002/15 & MN002/16 available This piece is about my interpretation of a traditional mask based on the importance of the wind and the ocean to my people. It tells how the wind influences all sea life, sea weed grasses and the sea animals like Dhangal (dugong) and Kaiar (crayfish) under the ocean. It is based on traditional mask totem designs and shows the breastplate which shows some of the sea animals, which are moved by the wind, the tides and the waves.

I was inspired by the winds affecting the sea and how, when we set out in our boats we often see waterspouts above the water connecting the sea to the clouds. These are known as baiwa in our language. The mask is smiling. To my ancestors the sea is smiling, when the ocean is rough.

It is our belief that the smiling rough sea is beckoning us to accept a sea voyage - but it is a trick, but you must consider the chances of survival before accepting the challenges thrown to you by the sea.

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