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97 LN002/19
Laurie Nona Giethalai 19/45 2011
Relief Print. Black ink on Arches paper from hand carved Vinyl plate
400 x 500mm image, 770 x 560mm paper

Prints LN002/19 & LN002/22 available This image depicts the passing of knowledge and refers to the many elements in our natural Badu environment. This knowledge is passed down from our Kuikumabaigal (elders). Reference contained within the patterns include - 1) Weather (depicted in the claws) - I have shown the Wet and Dry seasons - determine what my island people fish and hunt. In the claws you will also find images of the fish we like to hunt. Also you will see the strong wind from the North West (Kuki) and this is shown within the right claw. 2) the sea -(top part of the crab body) The Crab eyes are the eyes of our Kuikumabaigal -the elders who came before us. The knowledge passed through the generations is shown as a funnel to the top of the Dhoeri (head-dress) worn by Kuikumabaigal who continue this tradition. The vertical lines mid way - are the Horizon. Below that is a Geigei Arr (sun shower). The Dhangal (dugong) is shown at the shoreline as it travels the deep sea to the shallow feeding grounds. 3) Land - the borrow part of the Crab body is shown below the Dhangal and is smaller in size as it symbolises that we live on islands surrounded by the much larger Sea Country.

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