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93 JA005/6
Joseph Au Thakam 6/40 2011
Relief print onto Arches BFK
820 x 510mm image, 1130 x 760mm paper

Prints JA005/6 & JA005/7 available The fish is called Thakam (rock cod) in our language, Kala Lagaw Ya. The Thakam is a black, brownish colour fish with creamy whitish spots. The fish is good eating but some people dont like eating the Thakam for some reason - maybe it is the way it looks - I dont know. I taste the Thakam and think it is good eating, and best when cooked on coals and fried in cooking oil or made into a soup with onions. Inside this important fish for us - and inside its design I have hidden some of the baits we use to catch Thakam. In the head is the Bithai (squid) on the side is the budi (periwinkle) and the dhari (head-dress) and the Titui (star) sit within the tadthu or sand crab.

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