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92 JA003/4
Joseph Au Kulai Sabe 4/40 2010
Relief print from Linoleum Vinyl block, onto Arches BFK
330 x 500mm image, 380 x 570mm paper

Prints JA003/4, JA003/11 & JA003/12 available Kalu Sabe means 'before Law'

My artwork Kulai Sabe is about the Gabugab (club) and the old man. This old man is one of the Council of elders who deliver justice to people who have committed crimes.

He is both judge and jury.

The Club is the weapon used to deliver the punishment. This can either be a crack on the head or a beheading.

These old people kept the peace within the community by enforcing the law. The council of elders remain on Badu today, but they serve to help political justice. They are still feared and revered.

I am very proud of this art work as it was highly commended at the Gab Titui Art Awards in 2011.

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