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91 JA002/6
Joseph Au Karamuy Kubi 6/13 2012
Relief print from Linoleum Vinyl block, onto Arches BFK
520 x 1000mm image, 800 x 1200mm paper

Prints JA002/6 & JA002/7 available The is one of my larger prints and took a long time to carve and produce.

The print is about the Karamuy Kub in our language which is Kala Lagau Ya. I think the English term for this fish is John Dory.

The Karamuy is one of my favourite eating fish because it is full of meat. It is good to cook on coals or even fry it. When catching the Karamuy - although they are beautiful to look at and are silvery in the water, they also have a poison barb, and if pricked the fast cure is to piss on the pricked area. The piss cancels the poison out.

This print shows how the Karamuy swim in a school, and shows when they are hiding or seeking refuge in the shadows of a jetty or in the mangrove roots.

Carving the print was very challenging, it required a long time to get the balance right in my mind and then get it right onto the lino. I am very pleased with the finished result.

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