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90 IG001/10
Iona Gaidan Zugubaw Baydham 10/30 2010
Relief print onto Arches BFK
1000 x 470mm image, 1120 x 760mm paper, 1250 x 770mm frame
$700 unframed, $1100 framed

Prints IG001/10, IG001/11 (framed), IG001/13, IG001/14 & IG001/15 available This artwork Zugubaw Baydham represent a star constellation our ancestors used to navigate our seas. When I was a little boy, my dad used to tell me stories about the Zugubaw Baydham, telling me that in his forefather's time, when they went hunting at night they would look at the Zugubaw Baydham in order to know which way the tide is going. At night if the Zugubaw Baydham sits really bright in the sky, you know the weather is OK. If the Zubugaw Baydham is bright and a little bit of the milky way is on top of the Baydham, you know the weather is not good. Zugubaw Baydham is essentially a weather and tide chart to my people. We acknowledge this through dance and even do so today, when I dance the Zugubaw Baydham constellation dance.

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