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89 GN002/1
Gehmat Nona Wati Farr 1/10
Relief print onto Arches BFK
710 x 580m image, 960 x 710mm paper

Prints GN002/1, GN002/2 & GN002/3 available My Athe (grandfather) used to tell me stories about a dreadful terrifying mask. The Watti Farr. This mask - was the most terrifying mask in the Torres Straits and would be made by warriors going into battle.

The Watti Farr was worn in battle and would terrify the warriors being fought so much, they would not be able to fight. They would be clubbed or killed, and as they were dying - their last view of the world would be the Watti Farr - staring at them, chasing them out of this life.

It is a powerful mask, and I was scared when I carved it. It has great power.

Gehmat Nona

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