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94 AM 13900/17
Angelina Nampijinpa Tasman Dogs That Live In Yuendumu 2017
Acrylic on canvas
300 x 300mm

Dogs that live in Yuendumu - This painting depicts some of the dogs that live in Yuendumu. Families in Yuendumu tend to own many dogs. They are good company. Many people think of their dogs as family. Dogs in Yuendumu like to follow their owners around whenever they can. Some people use their dogs to help them hunt kangaroo and goanna, among other animals. People also have dogs to protect themselves from intruders, monsters, and other things that might try to hurt them and their family. Many monsters are invisible to Aboriginal people. However, dogs are able to see and smell them. Dogs will warn Aboriginal people about them or steer them away from the monsters, and thereby keep them safe. Dogs also feature in a number of Dreaming stories. One dog Dreaming comes from a site called Pindara, southwest of Yuendumu. Another dog Dreaming story, 'Two dogs Dreaming', comes from country adjacent to Rabbit Flat. This site is part of a long Dreaming track that stretches from Yarrajalpa in the extreme west of Warlpiri country to Ali Curung in the east. This Dreaming story describes proper conduct in families and marriages.

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