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23 AM 13795/17
Harry Tjutjuna Wati Ngintaka Kutjara 2009
Acrylic on linen
730 x 705mm

This is Wati Ngintaka Tjurkurpa (perentie lizard man creation story). That Wati Ngintaka heard from a long way the sound of a beautiful grinding stone. He wanted that stone for himself, so he travelled from Arang'nga a long way east towards on to Wayatina. He saw Anangu tjuta (lots of Aboriginal people) at the camp. There some people gave him mai, a seed cake, but it was dry and he didn't like it. Then one lady gave him food and it was delicious and he knew that the seeds were ground on the grinding stone he had heard. He spied the grinding stone and stole it, hiding it in under his tail. When they all went hunting the next day he stayed in camp saying he had sore feet. Once they were gone he started travelling back with the grinding stone. All the people were angry with the Wati Ngintaka and chased him. When they caught him they felt all over for the grinding stone, but couldn't find it. That Wati Ngintaka held up his arms and claimed he didn't have it, but was hiding it, wipungka (in his tail). They cut the Wati Ngintaka up into pieces. That place where he finished is Aran'nga in the NT. Ngaltutjara (poor thing).

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