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72 AM 12229/16
Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri Kapi Tjukurrpa, Minyma Inmaku 2015
Acrylic on Belgian linen
1520 x 1220mm

Maisie began painting in the early 1990's. Her dreamings or Tjukurrpa, depict the sites associated with women's ceremonies referred to as minyma inmaku.

Many of the sacred rock holes in the Kintore region remain as important ceremony sites for the Pintupi people. Her ability to produce traditional designs associated with creation stories demonstrates her commitment to preserving these important elements of aboriginal culture. "Kapi" is the Pintupi word used to refer to water. This painting depicts the ceremony sites associated with Maisie's homeland. These locations are an important source of freshwater for the people of the Western Desert. The celebration of these sites is in recognition of ancestral activities referred to as "tjukurrpa". The series of concentric circles represent significant locations used for ceremony sites. The overlay patterns of the painting represent the physical features of the landscape. This includes the sand-hill country (tali) and the rocky outcrops (puli).

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