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68 AM 11626/15
Chris Watt Dingo Totem 2014
Synthetic Polymer on linen
1215 x 910mm

"It was said that the dingo, Ngarembee, travelled from the inland, out in the desert near Uluru. The dingo dreaming people travelled in groups hunting and gathering food and living off the land. One day a pretty young woman walked into the camp of the dingo totem people and all the young men went crazy for her. She chanted love songs at night to charm the young men she wanted. Finally she charmed a young brave tribal warrior. She chanted him as her husband and decided to move north- east. When they reached Bailey Point they crossed the channel to Forsyth Island. She had her children on Forsyth Island and moved on while all the young dingo totem people, mainly men, were left far behind. From Bailey Point they came north to Mornington Island and lived there for a very long time. Now back on Bailey Point and at night you will hear the young male dingo crying for that young woman. Some part of the story is sacred and you can't be told all the story. The dingo dreaming is the biggest totem in the land."

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