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37 AM 11510/15
Paddy Japaljarri Stewart Door 24 - Honey Ant & Mulga Worm Dreaming 2011
Acrylic on linen
1070 x 460mm

Door 24 - Yurrampi manu Wakapartari Jukurrpa (Honey Ant & Mulga Worm Dreaming) This story is about the Honey Ant Dreaming. Painted here are the underground tunnels made by the Honey Ants. Also shown are the worms that are found around mulga trees. This painting is about the Mulga Worm Dreaming, and the Honey Ant Dreaming. This is the Honey Ant Dreaming for Yuendumu, were we are living. The actual water source is Yakurrukaji. What we call Yuendumu is the hill, really. The soakage that we used to live from is Yakurrukuaji. We who are living at Yuendumu, near the Yakurrukaji water, we are living at the Honey Ant Dreaming site. Their underground chambers have created the natural soakages found all over this part of our country. That is what we have painted here.

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