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36 AM 11509/15
Paddy Japaljarri Stewart Door 13 (2/2 Panels) Women And Snake Dreaming 2011
Acrylic on linen
1070 x 460mm

This is the story about Dreamtime Women engaged in decorating themselves for ceremonies. Hidden to the west of where the Women were gathered, stood the Dreaming Snakes. During preparation time faces and bodies are painted, bush tucker is gathered, there is song and dance. In Panel One you can see warna (snakes) by the watiya (trees represented by the circles). The women, represented by the 'U' shape can be seen sitting and dancing. They have karlangu (digging sticks),Kuturu (clubs) parraja/coolamons (dishes for gathering food), and wardapi (goanna) to eat. Panel 2 repeats traditional designs and icons representing women with karlangu (digging sticks), parraja (coolamons), kuturu (clubs). They had all sorts of things, including ceremonial objects. There are women sitting around the campfire, women preparing for ceremony, women singing and dancing.

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