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67 AM 1551/04
Bill Harney Gorrondolmi (Rainbow Serpent) Dreaming 2004
Acrylic & natural ochres on Galicia linen
1275 x 1840mm

Gorrondolmi - he made the water and were the first people in the country. His 2 eyes make the spring bubble up and never go dry and he have 2 children Nayubun. He told them to go live in tree and watch the water. When they up top in the tree they sing the water to stay up because the song was passed down from his father and mother - those 2 there. Their headdress they got create the tide - cut a big gorge, made channel all over the country and there are many other children - Gunben - the fruit bats. Every afternoon he unwinds his ginun - dillybag - and he lets the flying foxes go out and feed all night - eat flowers of coolibah tree, paperbark and bloodwood. Breaking dawn he pick up didgeridoo - he blows that didgeridoo and make a very big large sound. The sound he make is like the floodwater running today. When the floodwater is running you can see all the whirlpool because old Rainbow is there moving inside and putting the wave in the water. When the sound of the didgeridoo the flying fox can hear him and they all come home to the camp in a big queue. They go around in circle like a number 6 and he goes into a funnel in the didgeridoo and he goes back to the camp to Ginun - dilly bag - and they space there all day and in the evening he lets them out again. If you bust the Rainbow eye the spring go dry. He looks after the tide and controls the water. "When I go fishing and see flying foxes in the tree we don't fish there - we know Rainbow is there". Bill painted this piece during his residency at Art Mob in January 2004.

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