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63 AM 1488/03
Bill Harney Budda (Bush Plum) Dreaming 2003
Acrylic & natural ochres on Galacia linen
1300 x 1780mm

Budda Dreaming

This is a painting about a Budda Dreaming. Budda is a bush black plum invented by the storm bird. Storm bird is the black one with the red eye - he comes in the wet season. Storm bird made a trade with old emu. Then they had the ceremony and after they finished the ceremony they called it budda. "This is my dreaming" says Bill Harney. "This story is in the rock wall paintings and everywhere in Wardaman country". The swirling lines shows where emu danced and he rubbed his chest on the ground when he was swinging and dancing and making a loud noise at the same time with a big voice. Storm bird was singing and emu was shouting. Bill painted this work in his home country in December 2003.

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