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32 AM 801/03
Roy Hunter Wiggan Ilma - Smoke Signal At Mankorra 2003
Acrylic on plywood, wool and wool fibre
860 x 1900mm

When there's someone in trouble of any sort whether its drift by tide or sickness that's where the smoke signal will take place. From August to December that's where there is the strong tide that carries you away - that's where the fire takes place in Mankorra. The smoke signal is used to notify the surrounding people that something is happening. That's where this special signal happened when Roy's father Henry Wiggan was taken by Ngardini - the heavy cloud, rain, strong wind. Nobody could see him - he drifted out with the biyal biyal - raft made from soft mangrove wood. Even he did not know where he was. When the rain passed he looked about and there was no land. The storm was finishing and there was no land - nothing. The tide eventually brought him back because he was a man of spiritual doctrine.

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