2015 Exhibitions

Culla-Minna (Mother of all life)

Solo exhibition of recent paintings by Mick Quilliam

6 – 15 November

9 – 25 October
11 – 27 September
Gloria Petyarre
Aknangkere Growth

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August 5
5 – 23 Aug
Masters of Western Arrarnta colours

A retrospective of our loved ones
through their last works
Watercolour paintings by the late Johannes Katakarinja, Douglas Kwarlpe Abbott, Peter Tjutjatja Taylor & Kevin Wirri

3 – 19 July
The Indomitable Sally Gabori

Paintings by the late Sally Gabori,
Mornington Island
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5-19 June
from the eyes of Fred and family

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8-24 May
Murdie Nampijinpa Morris
& her Two Dogs Dreaming

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10-26 April
Top 20

Art Mob’s most collected artists
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13 -29 March
Argulas – Jack & Biddy Dale

“Big mob of Argulas everywhere. This Argula lives in a cave inside the mountain. The old people say the Argula will sit on top of his cave on the mountain and shake a boad nut or colour beetle. This food is the favourite of kids living in nearby camps. The kids will run up the steep mountain to get the food; the Argula grabs them and takes them down into his cave. This Argula is lonely and has no children. After a while, sitting inside the cave, with the stolen kids, he talks so much he makes them deaf.
“In the camp, the clever men are sent to look for the kids. The men shake colour lizards, the favourite food of the Argula.
“While he is eating the lizards, they pinch the kids back and take them to the camp, but the kids are deaf from too much talking from the Argula. A special Djunba (dance) is made to bring back the hearing of the kids”.
Jack Dale Mengenen
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Feb 2015
Pink 2015

The tradition continues
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13 Feb – 1 March

The myth of “before was bush” explored in art
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26 Jan – 12 Feb

Body Paint Designs by Charmaine Pwerle
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9 – 25 Jan