Treaty ‘unfinished business’

Treaty ‘unfinished business’ for Aboriginal Australians, decades after it was promised.

“Political and community leaders say a famous annual festival in the Northern Territory celebrating Aboriginal culture is marred by the ‘unfinished business’ of a treaty that has never come to pass…”

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How two unlikely South Americans transformed an Indigenous art centre

From the ABC News Web Site:

“Warning: this article contains the names of Aboriginal people who have died.

Cecilia Alfonso and Gloria Morales come from dramatically different social, cultural and political backgrounds. In their home country of Chile they would likely have never met.

They’re also not the most obvious candidates to negotiate the fraught politics and cultural protocols of a remote Aboriginal community.

Yet, over the past 15 years, their blend of passion and hard-headed pragmatism has transformed the Warlukurlangu Art Centre into one of the most successful in Australia, earning the praise of the Warlpiri artists it supports.

So how did these two Chilean women make their way to a remote Indigenous community in outback Australia, and stay there?”

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Mr Tjungurrayi helped bring on-country dialysis to remote communities

From the ABC News web site:

“The death of Mr Tjungurrayi, one of Australia’s most outstanding contemporary artists, in December has gone largely unnoticed outside the Aboriginal art community. It’s really sad when someone like Tjungurrayi passes, but it also should give us real pause to reflect on the extraordinary lives and the really giant human beings who walk among us in Australia and who are often invisible in mainstream consciousness…” You can read the whole story here on the ABC web site.

You can view ART MOB’s collection of Mr Tjungurrayi’s work here…


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ABC NEWS: Star in Southern Cross constellation now known by traditional Aboriginal name

For thousands of years, the Wardaman people of northern Australia have had a name for the smallest of the five stars that make up the Southern Cross. They call it Ginan — a name that’s now been officially recognised by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

You can read the full story here – (featuring Wardaman elder, Bill Yidumduma Harney and one of his Night Sky paintings – available for purchase from ART MOB)


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NEWS: Call for corporate Australia to invest in remote Indigenous art centres


The art of remote Australia can often be seen in the background when corporate giants and political leaders appear on the evening news.

Depictions of waterholes, dreaming tracks and ancestral spirits animate the walls of many boardrooms and government offices.

But is there any meaningful connection between the corporate sector and the fragile bush economies that create these images of Australia?

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.58.01 PM

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